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Spread the word. We support the victims of the photo leaking and will stand behind them. We won’t judge them for taking these photos that weren’t meant to be public. We respect their decision to take these pictures, we respect their sexuality and won’t judge them for photographing themselves.

It is their right to keep the photographs private. No one should harm their rights when leaking nudes or any picture against their will.

#againstnudes , follow the supporting!


I dont believe in hoes, thots, smuts, sluts, gommies, slimes, whores, hoes, scants, etc. If she wants to have sex then uhm she wants to have sex. how the fuck does that change between gender. Im the man if i have sex but shes a bitch if she has sex? nigga please. We gonna fuck the shit out of each other and we’re gonna walk away saying “yes lawd” without any regrets. I aint got time for no bullshit stigmas. Im grown

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